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Hair Care

Your Virgin  Hair extensions are prone to damage just like our natural hair it is important for you to be educated on how to take care of your hair extensions as well as you natural hair.

Hair Care Instructions
Hair Installation:  We highly recommend installing the extension as one complete track and only cutting the weft when necessary.
  • The first step involves straightening your weave. To do this, separate your hair into two segments, one half flowing to the back and the other pushed over your chest then gently untangle the hair using a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb.


  • With your head bent forward, wet your hair using warm water in a downward motion starting from where the tracks are. This can either be done in a shower, bath tab or using a container full of water. Do not soak the weave as this may interfere with the tracks beneath the weave. DO NOT MASSAGE SCALP with virgin extensions in it will cause massive tangling.

Don't sleep on your night hair care regimen. "I think stylish hair and healthy hair should coexist. Sleeping with a silk bonnet or on a silk pillowcase at night helps to protect the hair from dryness, breakage and having to put heat on it every day. "

Washing your Remy hair extensions is important because the moisture from your hair care products will make your hair shine and look lovely. Remember to wash and condition your hair every three to five days. When you do wash your hair use a conditioner that will moisturize your tresses and a shampoo that's gentle. This means stay away from products that aren't made with mainly natural ingredient. Look for products that come with a low pH and to be on the safe side, apply conditioner prior to shampooing your hair so that shampoo won't dry out your hair. This is especially important to do if the products do have hidden and harmful ingredients. Plus, coating your hair with moisture that's similar to your extensions natural oil will help keep them in excellent shape. After completing your shampoo and conditioner treatment in reverse, wash out your hair and let it dry naturally to achieve a nice and shiny hairstyle.